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aboutWelcome to PEWarriors.com a website all about male enhancement and being a better man!

My name is Oliver and this is my site.

Pretty much everything on here will be written by me.

I started this website because I’ve been immersed in the world of male enhancement and trying to be a better more attractive man for a while now.

On this site I’ll be talking about the products I use and any tips I learn that will help you to be a better man.

I work as a freelance graphic designer but in my spare time I like to watch MMA and the UFC.

This is my favorite TKO by Michael Page..


I also like to lift weights.

I spent most of my life not exercising and then about a year ago I did a complete 180 and now I pretty much workout every day.

I’ve noticed huge changes in my appearance and the way I feel ever since I’ve been exercising and eating healthy.

I actually have Kale growing in my garden and put it in my smoothie every morning.

It doesn’t taste great but apparently it’s super good for you.

I like to eat healthy, exercise, dress smart (although most of the time I wear shorts and a tshirt because I work from home.) and work hard.

I’ll be writing more posts soon.

My next post is about the SizeGenetics extender so watch out for that.

Anyway, that’s a bit about me.

If there’s anything else you want to know then leave a comment below!


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