Jelqing Tools – Do You Really Need The Jelq Device?

So we’ve all heard of jelqing right? It’s pretty much the first thing we learn about when it comes to P.E and that’s because not only does it work but it’s also free to do.

It’s the most simplest form of male enhancement that’s proven to work.

All you need are your hands and maybe some vitamin e oil or whatever lube you feel like using.

You then take your thumb and the finger next to it and make a ring shape around your penis with a 70% erection and then push the blood from the bottom of the penis into the head.

By doing this you expand the chambers and over time this causes growth.

Easy right?

But recently jelqing has become a whole lot more interesting because now there are these things called jelq devices.

Jelq DeviceAnd I just got myself one from

Now I’ve been using it for the past couple of weeks I think it’s great.

It means a lot less strain on the hands and you really don’t need to use a lot of pressure to get a good squeeze.

You put your penis between the tongs and then squeeze slightly and then pull the jelq device up to the head of the penis.

So it does the same job as regular jelqing but it just makes life a bit easier.

I also feel like it gives a more effective jelq and it helps push more blood up through the penis thereby expanding the chamber walls more effectively and giving a better jelq.

Now I just saw on their website that they did a study with 380 of their customers.

After 12 months the average gain was 1.44 inches in length and 1.27 inches in girth which is quite impressive.

I feel like the SizeGenetics extender gave me better results than jelqing would have however if you are just getting started then what would happen if you combined the SizeGenetics device with the jelq device?

I got great results with just the SG extender so I have no doubt that if you put them both together you would get some pretty amazing results.

What I’ve been doing recently is combining manual jelqing with device jelqing.

If I were to do 200 jelqs I would start off doing 100 with the device and then do the last 100 by hand.

I just feel like this gives me a great jelqing workout.

But is the jelq device absolutely necessary?

I’d say no, it’s not necessary. You can jelq without and and you’ll do fine but let’s be honest, if you’re going to invest all this time and effort into jelqing then why not invest a few bucks into something that’s not only going to help your jelq more effectively but make it easier too.

Have you used the jelq device? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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